Ben Lister is a

Product designer, JavaScript hacker, emerging technology advocate and makes a pretty mean walnut pesto.

Ben Lister

I got my start in the late ‘90s at age 13 as a freelance designer building websites for local businesses and interactive agencies around Western Michigan. In college, I studied Computer Information Systems, focusing on UX design, IA, data abstraction, web development and product management.

After college, I moved to Chicago where I’ve worked in a variety of roles between designer and developer on some interesting projects such as implementing web standards and building website templates for hundreds of top radio stations across North America to creating interfaces for clients such as Ford Motor Company, City University of New York (CUNY), The University of Miami, Rush University Medical Center and Hyatt.

Currently, I design, code and help make the UX easy to use at Sprout Social, a software company that builds social media management, analytics and engagement tools for business.

When I need an escape from the mesmerizing glow of a computer screen you can often find me Running, Cooking overly ambitious food Mentoring, Speaking, Watching the Chicago White Sox or Driving really fast cars on a race track.

The best way to get in touch with me is on Twitter, or at .

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